"Knowledge enhances wisdom only after it has been put to practical use."

                   -Texas Jack Cowen

Sandy Honts


Anthony Independent School District offers a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) to all children ages 3-21, who qualify for Special Education Services.  Determination regarding Special Education services is made on an individual basis.  Special Education programs and services adapt content, teaching methodology and delivery models, to meet the unique needs of each individual student.  In addition to instructional services, related services are also provided to those students who have an identified need.  The Special Education programs in Anthony ISD operate under local district board policies and the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education process.  The Special Education staff in Anthony ISD are highly qualified, trained and competent professionals.  We at Anthony ISD make a serious commitment to providing Special Education students with a quality education based on high expectations.


Special Education Department Goals

  • Support the implementation of Response to Intervention
  • Provide campuses and staff support to deliver a continuum of services for Special Education students
  • Support campuses and encourage service delivery for students with disabilities,  in the least restrictive environment
  • Provide support to parents of students with disabilities
  • Continue to meet the unique needs of identified students
  • Recruit and maintain staff members who are highly qualified and continue to maintain and update current best practice strategies
  • Provide identified students with transitional services to prepare them for adulthood